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Macrophage markers in diabetes

Macrophage markers including soluble CD163 as predictors for development of type 2 diabetes and its complication. Cohorte studies on prediabetic and type 2 diabetic individuals



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Macrophage markers in obesity and liver disease

- Intervention study

- Prediction study

- Obesity study

- Biomarker study


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Sidsel Rødgaard-Hansen (MD) - e-mail:


Inflammatory effects on glucose homeostasis

- Influence of obesity, weight loss, and diet on low grade inflammation with particular focus on the macrophage marker, soluble-CD163 - a new predictor of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Can s-CD163 discriminate between healthy and unhealthy obese individuals



Bjørn Richelsen (MD, PhD) - e-mail:

Karen Fjeldborg (MD) - e-mail:


Macrophage activation and liver disease

- Histology study

- Childhood obesity study



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Konstantin Kazankov (MD) - e-mail:


Medical Targeting of Kupffer Cells


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